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Advanced Diamond micropowder


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Super Fine Diamond micropowder(HD-A)

Made of high toughness diamond, normal diamondparticle shape, with narrow particle size distribution,treated withspecial purification process, with purifieddiamond surface, the total impurity content is less than100PPM. Suitable for producing high grade PCD,metal bondsintered products, recommended for precision grindingand polishing

Supreme Diamond micropowder(HD-B)

Made of high toughness diamond,normal diamondparticle shape, with standard particle size distribution,with low impurity content. suitable for metal bond,vitrified bond products andelectroplated products; machining carbide, glass andsemiconductor materials etc.

Premium Diamond micropowder(HD-C)

Medium toughness diamond micron,normal diamondparticle shape, with standard particle size distribution,good wear-resistance. suitable for metal bond and resin bond products,recommended for polishing semiconductormaterials、glass and gem stones etc.

Economic Diamond micropowder(HD-D)

Economical diamond micron, irregular shape,roughand sharp surface, good self-sharpening ability. suitable for resin bond products,recommended forpolishing stone and ceramic products etc.