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Study on Ash Content of Micropowder


The ash content of diamond powder can be divided into internal inclusions and external inclusions of diamond crystal.HoldDiamond reduces the ash content of diamond powder.Second, the ash content is kept at a lower level in the process of crushing, refining and removing impurities.

Details Information

There are two kinds of raw materials used for diamond powder: RVD diamond.The second is MBD high strength material type II or III material.The ash content of these two diamond-like raw materials is quite different, among which, the ash content of RVD diamond raw materials is often higher than the national standard.MBD high strength diamond raw materials have lower ash content.

In the process of crushing, refining and shaping, the ash content of diamond will increase and can only be reduced after pickling.With the same particle size, ash content of RVD raw materials from different manufacturers also varies greatly.

Table 1 Ash test results of RVD raw materials from different manufacturers with the same particle size 70/80
Factory Number ash content/%
1# 0.849
2# 0.401
3# 1.302
4# 2.000
5# 1.495

Main components of diamond ash: spectral scanning of ash content of several diamond samples reveals that the main components are includs such as catalyst metal and elements such as iron, nickel and cobalt.

Diamond micro powder application scope is mainly grinding, polishing, etc. :

Table 2 The particle size distribution and main application range of diamond micropowder
Number Grit Size Application
1 80/100 100/120 120/140 140/170 170/200 Grinding, grinding wheel, grinding block
2 200/230 230/270 270/325 Grinding, cutting, diamond wire saw
3 325/400 400/500 Precision Machining,Deep Processing
4 500# with fine diamond powder Grinding and polishing

Diamond Micropowder for general grinding.Its ash content meets the national standard, ≤500PPM is ok, but in actual mass production, it should be controlled under 300PPM, or between 300PPM and 500PPM

As a diamond micropowder cut, finely ground and polished, it is required to have a lower ash content to avoid the occurrence of caking and scratches on the processing surface.At this point, the ash content of diamond powder should be ≤100PPM